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Hoa Sen University – HSU

Overview of Admissions

What qualities are required for a Marketing degree?
In recent years, Marketing has become the “king of all professions”. Every year, this industry attracts a large number of admissions from students, and this number shows no signs of abating. However, the “hotter” the industry, the higher the job competition rate after graduation. Therefore, in order to have an advantage over other candidates, students must have outstanding qualities and skills. So what qualities do you need to be successful in Marketing? Marketing is the leading industry in the current career trend, so what qualities are needed to study Marketing? 1. What qualities are needed to study Marketing? The economic...
Best Universities for Business Administration
Why do some businesses take the leap and others don’t? How to make a difference for the company in doing business? Studying Business Administration will help you access the core of business administration and business administration knowledge. So what is Business Administration? Which school has the best training quality and reputation in Business Administration? Let us answer these questions in the article below. Which schools offer high-quality Business Administration training programs? 1. What is Business Administration? Things to know about Business Administration Simply put, Business Administration is a training program that provides students with the skills and foundational knowledge about...
What school has the best Digital Marketing program in Ho Chi Minh City
The evolution of digital communication has been drastically changing how we communicate with each other worldwide. That also impacts consumers’ habits, interactions, and ways of searching for information. Furthermore, Digital Marketing was born in response to that change and quickly became a “trendy” industry with the increasing demand for personnel. So what is Digital Marketing? Which school has the best Digital Marketing program? Let us dedicate the best schools for Digital Marketing programs in Ho Chi Minh City. 1.   About Digital Marketing Digital marketing is creating and disseminating content through digital media channels such as websites, landing pages, social media,...
Which school is best for English Language Studies? Top five prestigious English Language Studies schools
Under the context of international integration, as global trade expands every year, English has become the most important and necessary foreign language being. Therefore, the demand for learning to be proficient in English for career advancement is also increasing. And many universities are offering new English Language Studies programs to respond to that market demand and the evolution of education. If you are still wondering where to learn English Language Studies, let’s find out the top prestigious English Language Studies schools in the South here. Discover “TOP 5” universities for English Language Studies 1. What is an English Language Studies...
What is English Language Studies? A review from A to Z about English Language Studies program
In the era of globalization and international trade integration, being fluent in foreign languages, especially English, can help you get ahead in your career. The English Language Studies program is not new, but it has never been out of date. The English Language Studies program is the best choice to increase your chances of getting a good job in a multinational company within your home country or of finding work abroad. In the article below, let’s find out about the English Language Studies program and its job opportunities. What is English Language Studies? Is learning it as difficult as you...
English Language Studies program – a stepping stone toward the world
English plays a dominant role as it is present in almost all areas of life in the current globalized world. Therefore, it is why English Language Studies have become a trending training program that attracts a large number of students every year. However, many students still do not get what an English Language Studies program is, what career opportunities are after graduation, or which school is best for English Language Studies. The following article will provide everything you need to know about English Language Studies to help you better understand this interesting major.  What are the career opportunities after graduating...


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